Welcome to my description of why I make these comics... An explaination of why these comics are basically homemade sprite comics...

The name of my comics are, “Little Asinine Monster Entity Comics,” but what I normally call them (and truly think the name is) is Lame Comics. I understand my comics are poorly drawn, my methods for creating the comics aren’t standard practice (I make them on the fly with only mental notes of what I want to happen to guide me), and I create no stockpile of comics for the days when I can’t update.

The reason for all of the above is that these comics are enjoyable for me. I enjoyed coming up with Carbon the Fruity Dryad and Barium the Pimp Spectre, and I enjoy bringing them to life. I’m a scientist by nature, and I’ve never been good at drawing. I took a drawing class in college where my final assignment was to create an image that represented a recent event that was important to me. I racked my brain for something to do, but couldn’t think of anything. Then it finally dawned upon me, after 10 weeks of eraser burns and used pads of paper, I would draw something the class taught me.

I did the 3/4 perspective of a desk, with an image upside down (because if you can see the perspective upside down it’s good) on a pad of paper. There were flecks of charcoal for eraser pieces around the desk and 5 pencils labeled (one broken). On the top of the desk was a rectangle with my name written as if a Kindergartner had written in it and there were some pretty balloons next to it.

I had to setup “samples” of my “artistic work” in a hallway to show my professor on the last day. He looked it all over and mumbled here and there, and then asked to see my final image. I took it out and showed it to him, he mumbled again and then looked up and asked, “What does it represent?”

“Its an image representing the fact that I can’t draw for beans,” was my reply.

At this he then dropped one corner of the paper, and slapped me on the back with his free hand as he began to chuckle to himself. “You know, I really needed this. I’ve been through everyone else trying to tell me how good they are and why they deserve an A. What grade did you put that you thought you deserved?”

I then handed him the piece of paper he had asked me to fill out the day before. It contained areas of artistic skill and improvement and then finally what grade we thought we deserved. I had put that I had improved, learning quite a lot in perspective and Theory, but that my skills were still lacking. I had circled a C+ as the grade I thought I deserved.

“I think you’re right, Slightly Above Average is about right. Thanks again.”

And then he walked away.

I’ve given up hope to ever be good at drawing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself.

So, relax and enjoy the comics. If that enjoyment comes from the comic itself or from mocking my skill, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m just doing this because I want to, and because I can.

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